Malherbe Rust Architect is situated at the foot of the well-known Paarl granite mountain range in the picturesque Winelands town of Paarl, less than forty-five minutes’ drive from the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, South Africa.  Since its humble beginning in 1989, this architectural practice has grown to become a formidable source of innovative and leading-edge architectural design in South Africa over the past few decades, while staying true to its core value of creating contextual architecture.


This paired with the innovative leadership of architects Johan Malherbe, Chris Fick and Servaas de Kock, supported by a team of experienced architects and designers, has led to a well-established award winning practice.


Combining traditional architectural techniques with the latest computer-aided design processes and the firms shared knowledge in both modern, as well as in-depth experience in historical building design, enable them to provide their clients with both a classical and modern design approach.

Chris Fick



Johan Malherbe




Servaas de Kock